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8K,illustration of This is an illustrationof China’s Dragon Boat Festival. lt has a strongsense of festival atmosphere. A Chinese boy isin front of a dragon, and petals fall from the sky.Clouds surround feels like a fairyland. Thesky is blue Colorful and contrasting, Chineseholiday illustrations, Proportional, 8K, UHD,Volumetric light8K Resolution, high detail , high resolution, SuperClarity –ar 10:19 –iw 1.5


Designed to provide proper support to the lumbar region and back in accordance with ergonomic principles, Lumbar and back-focused ergonomic chairs –ar 16:9


A woman sat on the grass, with a delicate smile, holding a basket of flowers in her hand. The beauty of a fairy, the beauty of a fairy, the appearance of a fairy, the beauty of a fairy, the atmosphere of a fairy, the forest fairy, the beautiful and elegant fairy, the goddess of spring, the beautiful adult fairy, the thin girl in a white Bohemian dress, the portrait of a fairy princess, the portrait of a Korean female idol Zhixiu –ar 16:9

超高清,逼真,铬,火烈鸟,蓬松,柔和,梦幻,风景,逼真,未来主义,清晰的焦点,辛烷值渲染!数字艺术,真实感,柔和,辛烷值渲染,灯光绘画,颜色分级–ar 16:9

Ultra hd! realistic, chrome, flamingo, fluffy, pastel, dreamy, landscape, realistic, futuristic, sharp focus, octane render! digital art, photorealistic, soft, Octane render, Light Painting, Color Grading –ar 16:9

Ultra High Definition! Realistic, chrome, a complete Chinese dragon in the air, fluffy, soft, dreamy, scenery, realistic, Futurism, clear focus, Octane rating rendering! Digital art, realism, softness, Octane rating rendering, light painting, color grading –ar 16:9

超高清!逼真,铬,一条完整的中国龙在空中,蓬松,柔和,梦幻,风景,逼真,未来主义,清晰的焦点,辛烷值渲染!数字艺术,真实感,柔和,辛烷值渲染,灯光绘画,颜色分级–ar 16:9

A smiling girl with an oval face, facing the mirror at a 3/4 angle, colorful suspenders, ball shaped hair, wavy side bangs, and a super exquisite white background. Soft light. Anime.3D characters from Disney Pixar, art, intellectual property, blind box, sacred, movie edge lighting, exquisite gloss, 8K


soft light. anime.3D charactersfrom Disney Pixar, art, lore Property rights, blindbox, divine, cinematic rim lighting, delicate gloss,8K –ar 16:9

Blue white English short cat, with a chubby body, happy, fantastical! In Ottomo Katsuhiro’s style, in the realistic super detail rendering style, glow, yellow, blue, super realistic oil, head close-up, exaggerated perspective, Tyndale effect, water droplets, mother of pearl, realistic –ar 16:9

蓝白英短猫,有着胖胖的身体,快乐,幻想!在Otomo Katsuhiro的风格中,在逼真的超细节渲染风格中,辉光、黄色、蓝色、超逼真的油、头部特写、夸张的视角、廷德尔效应、水滴、珠光之母、逼真的

Create a unique and lovely logo for your dessert shop, including Minimalism kingfisher illustrations. The Kingfisher should have a mischievous and friendly expression, adding a cute symbol. Choose a simple and modern design with bold lines and simple shapes to create a modern feel. Consider using circles or circles as the background for the Kingfisher illustration to give it a coherent and balanced appearance. Choose a cheerful palette, such as a combination of soft pastels or vibrant tones, to evoke a sense of joy and joy. The store name is in clear and easy to read font, ensuring perfect complementarity with the Kingfisher illustrations. This logo design will attract the customer’s attention –ar 16:9 –s 750 –v 5.1


Product photography, bushes from scenes, gardencorners. The sun comes in from the left, andthe scene is bathed in soft, bright light. Woodhydrangea left blank from the side.In the middleof the flower is a bottle of plant essential oil. Thesunlight reflects the beautiful light and shadow ofthe perfume through the glass, natural reflectionphotography,focusing on the product, two pointperspective, clean, simple, open


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